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Welcome at Healthcenter Zorg & Hoop

Specializations and activities:

  • Dietician
  • Doctor or general practitioner
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dentist
  • Laboratory (measurements of blood cholesterol measurement)
  • Sports
  • Diabetes nurse

Collaboration with hospitals 

Hours :09.00-21 .00 hours, 5 days per week

Sports :09.00-21 .00 hours, 5 days per week


  • The health-center is situated in a residential area which particularly care for the socially weaker threshold is low.
  • The center is a radius of 5-10 km surrounded by primary schools, secondary schools, Anton de Kom University, sports, small business, airport Zorg & Hoop, healthcare providers and a bustling capital. 
  • Achieving the latter objective with regard to education will result a fertile soil.


The awareness and importance of healthy living among the Surinamese population through the promotion of preventive education and curative treatment

Targets health-center Zorg & Hoop 

  • The promotion and maintenance of instant multi-disciplinary collaboration in primary care in the form of a health center.
  • Intensive cooperation with secondary care in order to reduce non-compliance
  • Preventive education in schools and in the district by the professionals